NCSC's Court Technology Conference 2009 Materials now available

Last year's CTC Conference was a fairly typical trade conference, but the networking effect was certainly awesome- it reminded me of a typical eGovernance conference in Asia content wise. There might not be that much differences in the implementation of eGovernance projects in the US or in developing countries.  Many of the recurring themes I saw were:
  • Leadership is crucial, and court managers needs to be involved with the internal IT staff as well as vendors (if any) in development 
  • Technology strategic planning is crucial, and needs to be aligned to business goals and processes, but  IT managers, and sometimes, even the leaders of the organizations do not have the overall 'big picture' (ie vision, startegy and goals) of the organization, and/or of the IT projects
  • Planning is a big process consisting of many layers of analysis, not just software.
  • Selection of a good vendor and product is crucial!
  • Design: new and consistently evolving technologies and standards complicate design and implementation, but keep scalability in mind
  • Monitor project implementation
  • Testing, testing, testing! Usability is important.
  • Change management and cultural barriers must be addressed
  • Training, training, training, on all levels

It was held from September 22-24, 2009 in Denver and it was a huge crowd at CTC 2009—the 25th anniversary edition of the national Court Technology Conference. If you are interested in court technology, access CTC 2009 conference presentations here.

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