ICTD/Law and Behavioral Economics

By Seema Hari

I really enjoyed writing my last blog post about the intersection of ICTD and the Lean Startup model and combining the learnings from the two classes that I am taking at UC Berkeley. Continuing with that theme, I decided to explore the synergies between ICTD and Behavioral Economics

LawHelp: National Network of Legal Aid Websites in the USA

The LSC's TIG program, which I have written extensively about, has played a critical role in the development of legal services websites in all the US. These websites provide information such as the locations of LSC-funded programs and their offices, guidance on pro bono and volunteer opportunities for the private bar, and a broad range of self-help legal resources for low-income people. Many utilize live chat functionality, which allows users to interact with legal services staff or volunteers to find the resources they need. Almost all sites in the network are mobile compatible, and many use online videos to help users understand legal content. To date, I am counting the following websites: