Barefoot Lawyers International is a global capacity building organization dedicated to innovative solutions for the legal empowerment of all, especially the poor and vulnerable. We are currently based out of the University of California, Berkeley as an affiliate of the iSchool (School of Information), where our founder San Ng incubated this organization to provide structure to the many growing projects under her teaching and consulting activities.

Our Vision is a world of absolute happiness and social justice, where people live with hope, dignity and abundance, realizing their highest potential as human beings.

Our Mission is to empower people who are passionate about legal empowerment, through innovative modes of training, technical assistance and technology development.

What We Do 
With an emphasis on innovative local solutions, we provide training and technical support to NGOs, international institutions, donors and governments in legal empowerment organizational and program management.

How We are Different
There are capacity building organizations. Then there is BarefootLawyers. We differentiate ourselves by the following ways:
  • Innovation and Technology: We integrate innovation and technology solutions in all aspects of our training and technical assistance, bringing you up to speed with trends in technology and how they can apply to your organization and programs. We design strategic technology solutions for your projects, and integrate them with locally available channels of the legal supply chain- knowledge dissemination, legal service provision, dispute resolution and enforcement. We are able to develop your technology projects for you. 
  • Sector Expert: We are the capacity expert in our sector, knowing the nuances of the legal development field in and out: we target only the legal empowerment and access to justice fields. 
  • Local Solutions First: Rather than being a 'first world' consultant, we focus on local solutions and the realities in the field. We hire, train and honor local staff and consultants, as much as we can. 

    Geographical Experience

    Our staff and partners are based in Bolivia, Peru, The Netherlands, Rwanda, Singapore, Uganda and the United States. (Stay tuned for more information about the individials behind BarefootLawyers, as we are currently updating our 'Who We Are' page.)