Global Voices Summits- previous and upcoming (in May 2010)

I am truly impressed by Global Voices, having followed them since that one-day blogging conference at Harvard in 2004. As an organization, it has shown best practices in participation, transparency, vision, technology usage, and global networking. As Solana Larsen posted on the upcoming Global Voices 2010 Summit (Santiago, Chile in May 2010) website, these summits acts as an important cement to the growing and diverse virtual team. Moreover, it presents a stunning overview of how Global Voices has grown. You can check out their previous summits via these links- there are plenty of good resources within each one: 
December 2005
The first Global Voices Summit was in London, UK. It was a one-day meeting that brought together many contributors for the first time and cemented their partnership with Reuters.
December 2006
The second Summit was in Delhi, India and marked the beginning of Lingua and Rising Voices, two new projects.
June 2008
The third Summit was in Budapest, Hungary. With Global Voices Advocacy they brought together many of the leading online defenders of freedom of expression. They also took stock of accomplishments and discussed future directions.
May 2010
Web site: (Keep checking it as they will be updating information on topics and speakers. )
The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 will be held in Santiago, Chile on May 6-7. The theme of the meeting is "Next generation citizen media, public access and citizen participation.”
Global Voices Online will gather with a diverse group of bloggers, activists, technologists, journalists from around the world for two days of public discussions and workshops. A two-day internal meeting for Global Voices editors, translators and contributors will follow the public gathering.

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