Welcome to San's Blogger blog!

I have decided to give Google's blogging platfom a try. I have been resisting it for the last few years, and using Movable Type, but now that it is so full featured, I'm ready to give it a run!  This is a platform where I intend to write about the work I'm involved with- mainly international development, law and (increasingly) information and communications technology (IT, or ICT, the term used in the development industry). 

(I do have a legal background after all!). All materials on this blog are:
  • For informational and discussion purposes only 
  • My opinion, which may be based on incorrect assumptions or facts, and which (as opinions do) may change from time to time
  • Do not in any way reflect those of my employers, affiliates, partners, clients or any individual or organization that I might have any relationship with. 
  • not in any way making representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and the authors or commentors will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. 
UPDATE: 8/5/07
I am merging my work travel blog with this blog. These days, because of my travel schedule, I seem to update that blog more than this one, and I'm adopting the philosophy of keeping things simple. They are very similar in focus, and I thought that you might also like to read about my work-related travel in this blog.

UPDATE: 1/3/10 
It is time to review and renew my web strategy. Wow! In just a few short years, my presence on the web has exploded first with Linkedin, then MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, and many other social networks. Moreover, I now have a few blogs that, like unattended closets, have become disorganized and cluttered, in addition to my professional resume site. So, I'll be taking the next few months to strategize and execute. (FURTHER UPDATE 1/19/10) Unfortunately, I moved the content to Wordpress, thinking that I would like a more open platform, but lost all blog comments in that migration. In panic, I moved the blog back again, but it seemed that my backup file did not include comments to begin with. My massive apologies, to my commentors, but I promise that I have ALL your comments in my email, and I will try to slowly reinstate them after I've sorted out my strategy.