Goyal on Legal Technology Innovation and lawTechCamp

Monica Goyal, J.D., M.Sc., of MyLegalBriefcase has published Why Tech Innovation Comes Slow in Legal Profession, on itbusiness.ca.

The post describes the panel discussion on “Legal Techs in a Brave New World” at lawTechCamp 2011, held 18 June 2011 in Toronto.
In this post, Ms. Goyal identifies several factors that inhibit legal technology innovation, including lawyers’ general lack of education in science and engineering, unduly strict regulation of the legal services market, and a lack of funding. Ms. Goyal highlights the current process in the UK of deregulating the legal services market, as a model for reform in other jurisdictions.
In addition, Connie Crosby recently wrote a post summarizing lawTechCamp 2011 at Slaw.ca, the Canadian legal blog. Discussions begun during lawTechCamp 2011 are being continued ina LinkedIn group.

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