Virtual Technology Summer Camp for Nonprofits

Charity Dynamics, a young, cool group is hosting a free Summer Camp for Nonprofits webinar series. The six-part series runs from June 22 through August 11 and presents topics ranging from social media fundraising and website optimization to special events and open APIs. The sessions are free but you need to register for the series here: 

(UPDATE 8/25: Now that the webinars are over, you can access them on-demand on Charity Dynamics' website here. I do love how this younger world is evolving...)

Founded in 2004, Charity Dynamics is made up of a bright group of creative people who takes great pride in providing comprehensive online solutions exclusively to nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re just getting started online or are ready to propel your existing program to the next level, we can help. From strategy to implementation and beyond, we partner with clients of all sizes to deliver the services, software, and support they need to get the results they want. We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in all aspects of our work
Webinars: (Again, UPDATE 8/25: Now that the webinars are over, you can access them on-demand on Charity Dynamics' website here. I do love how this younger world is evolving...)
Cashing in on Social Media
Date: Tuesday, June 22

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

Social media’s impact on peer-to-peer fundraising can’t be ignored. In this session, you’ll learn how nonprofits are using Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™, and mobile applications to help participant fundraisers hit their fundraising goals. You’ll also find out how these social media tools compare with email solicitations. And, you’ll hear what you can expect to see around the corner for social media and event fundraising.


  • Annie Bricker, Assistant Director, Hill Country Ride for AIDS and Mamma Jamma Ride

  • Sara Orell, Associate Vice President, Arthritis Foundation

  • Rebecca Temple, Account Executive, Charity Dynamics

  • Donna Wilkins, President, Charity Dynamics
Website Broken? Fix It!

Date: Tuesday, June 29

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

Is your website working as hard for your organization as it could? In this session, you’ll find out how to optimize your site to provide value while reaching new supporters. You’ll also find out how to create meaningful engagement online that results in donations and participation with your organization. And, you’ll hear about new ways to integrate social media strategy to grow new audiences. We’ll also talk about when you need a facelift versus a full redesign and how to design and implement your site so it’s easy for your staff to maintain.


  • Rebecca Flick, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Projects, RESOLVE

  • Jessica Hood, Director of Consulting, Charity Dynamics
Powerful People: How Social Media Empowers Participant Fundraisers

Date: Wednesday, July 7

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

These days, social media seems to be everywhere. To be a successful fundraiser, you need to recognize social media as a powerful fundraising tool and learn to incorporate it into your marketing and fundraising mix. We’ll show you how. In this online session, we’ll look at:

  • How social media is impacting your supporters’ ability to raise funds for your organization

  • Which social media channels are having the most impact

  • What is the profile of supporters who use social media and the donors who give through those channels

  • Best practices for helping your supporters to use social media


  • Marc Sirkin, Chief Community Officer, Autism Speaks

  • Heidi Poulin, Consultant, Charity Dynamics
Boost Your Event Results Now!

Date: Tuesday, July 20

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

Your special events help raise much-needed funds and awareness for your organization. Otherwise, you wouldn’t put in all the effort to run them. But, are you getting as much out of them as you could? In this session, we’ll talk about proven success strategies for your special events, including:

  • How to identify key segments in your audience to develop an effective and informed marketing strategy

  • What techniques will help you develop an effective online communication plan

  • How integrating all of your communication channels including emails, social media, phone calls, and more will strengthen your messaging and improve results

  • How you can empower your participants with new ways to ask for donations

  • What new tools and tactics will inspire enthusiasm and momentum among your participants


  • Jonathan Drennan, Senior Consultant, Charity Dynamics

  • Kelley Stewart, National Director, eRevenue, American Cancer Society
Not Your School Bake Sale: The Power of Independent Fundraising

Date: Thursday, July 29

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

When it comes to fundraising, why not draw on the power of your greatest asset: your supporters? They’re passionate and ready to help you raise more funds. With the right tools and strategy, you can empower them as independent fundraisers — helping them to use the Internet and their networks of friends and families to raise more funds than a local bake sale! In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How you can raise funds for your organization through independent fundraisers

  • How to decide what independent fundraiser programs will work best for your organization

  • How to staff internally to support independent fundraisers

  • What technology options will give your independent fundraisers the tools they need to be successful


  • Rachel Armbruster, President, Armbruster Consulting
Using APIs to Get More Supporters

Date: Wednesday, August 11

Time: 1:00 2:00pm Eastern

APIs are to your online software — such as Sphere, Convio, Drupal, Joomla, Higher Logic — what iPhone Applications are to your iPhone. The real questions: How are nonprofits leveraging APIs to further their mission? How successful have they really been? In this session, you’ll learn how using API technology can help you reach more supporters and raise more funds — really.


  • Kathy Kempff, Director of Services and Technology, Charity Dynamics

  • Susan Neumann, Consultant, Charity Dynamics.

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