New Book by Editor of 'Law and Development Review'

I am a big fan of and have blogged often on the 'Law and Development Review', a journal on law and development published by Berkeley's B-Press. It's editor, and one of my counterparts in the law and development world, has recently written a new book called Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System (Cambridge University Press). 

Descripton: Prevalent poverty in less developed countries is one of the most pressing issues of our time and economic development in these countries is necessary to bring them out of poverty. As seen in the successful development cases of East Asian countries, international trade is closely relevant to economic development, and export facilitation and effective industrial policies have been the key to the successful development. Current GATT/WTO provisions facilitating development are insufficient and some WTO provisions prevent developing countries from adopting effective development policies. This book is the first attempt to suggest a comprehensive modification of the current GATT/WTO disciplines to better facilitate development. The book also examines the need to elevate the level of regulatory treatment of development issues by the WTO and proposes the Agreement on Development Facilitation and the Council for Trade and Development within the WTO.

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