Free Virtual Conference: "Practicing Law in a Virtual World"

The Second Life (SL) Bar Association is organizing the above virtual conference next week on 11/8/09. The SL Bar Association is an informal professional organization that helps members navigate the Second Life legal landscape. Meetings, lectures, and social events are held regularly. Attorneys, legal scholars, and other legal professionals are encouraged to join.

(There is an entire movement about this issue- you can start by join and/or read more at the SL Bar Association Ning Network at

Conference Agenda: "Practicing Law in a Virtual World"
Nov. 8, 2009On Saturday, Nov. 14, SLBA and the ABA-Young Lawyers Section are sponsoring "Practicing Law in a Virtual World" at the Fredric G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida Campus in the virtual world of Second Life. Attorneys and others are invited to attend. There will be two sessions and an informal mixer.

Session 1: Practice Issues Unique to the Virtual World Setting
 Practicing law in an environment where either your client or the person they are dealing with are not in the same jurisdiction raises unique issues. The virtual environment also provides an opportunity for interaction of remotely located legal team members and clients. In addition, Second Life and other virtual worlds have their own local cultures and civil rights issues. This session discusses these and other practice issues unique to representing companies and individuals in a virtual world setting.

Session 2: Substantive Issues in a Virtual World
Copyright violation is a common complaint in a virtual world setting, but there are many interesting topics that are unique to practicing in a virtual world. How can I have an enforceable contract in a world with no “law”? If another person’s avatar attacks my avatar in a non-warring world, is it a crime? Find out what issues virtual worlds attorneys and their clients face in this session on substantive issues in a virtual world.

Mixer: Panelists and conference attendees will have a chance to talk with each other informally.

Please RSVP with your Avatar name to receive your pass and with any questions to: or in-world IM: Michele Jigsaw.

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