Micorjustice Videos on youtube and microjustice4all.org

I haven't had a chance to view all three parts but the microjustice documentary (made up of a few videos) is really progressive for its size and focus on the developing world.  Just that fact that a start up NGO HAS video clips of sorts and a presence on youtube. You can view he videos here on ILA microjustice4all website or on youtube (User- Microjusticia). I'll comment more about it using my filmmaker's eyes combined with my international development sensibilities when (if?) I next get a chance.

(Also note that Microjustice is a different user (under microjustice.org) and also has an older 2008 promo micorjustice ad video here regarding a google project.). I'm not sure yet how this fits into the overall context of the microjustice movement, but I'm guessing that it's an early version of a promo video. More when I find out...

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