Microjustice handbook by ILA

Micorjustice, now having the experiences of two (still ongoing) pilots in Bolivia and Peru, has published a pdf version of Microjustice handbook that summarizes a 'how to' and 'lessons learned' from the two pilots. The handbook is available in English and Spanish, and you can download it for free (with or without providing your information in a form). You can find the description of the book, as well as the book itself, via the link below

ILA has developed a Microjustice Handbook in cooperation with the Microjustice Country Programs. The handbook is developed to assist any organization and/or group of people in setting up microjustice activities. The Handbook is available in the Spanish and in the English language. It can be downloaded free of charge. ILA is active to keep the Handbook complete and to provide updates regularly. If you have any corrections, remarks, suggestions or additional information that we can use, please contact us. In this way you help un to provide the best available information and improve the handbook for future users. E-mail: manual@microjustice4all.org  ILA - Microjustice for All wants to invite operational Microjustice Organitations as well as newly developed Microjustice Country Programs to share their information and experiences with us. Please contact us via this form

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