Gap between Economics and Sociology Widens to include Law

Shamelessly reproduced from Daniel Sokol's post last week at Law and Development Blog about the split between the economics/sociology disciplines, with concurrance from David Trubek. All I can say is, ditto-Asia too! And, ditto- practitioners too!
Law and Development Academic Communities: 
I just returned from two weeks in Chile. I have lots of interesting Law and Development thoughts but as we arrived in the US at 4:48am today, my thoughts are about going to sleep. However, I would note that from what I can tell, Law and Development is as fragmented in Chile as in the US. Generally, the law and econ people don't really talk to the law and society people and vice versa.   
David Trubek: I have observed the same thing in Brazil: fissures similar to those in the US academy show up in Brazilian debates on "law and development". This is a result of the globalization of academic discourse. It may be easier to network with people in other countries that share your scholarly orientation than with people in your own country who don't. This is especially true to the extent that political choices are encoded in the subtext of the various "disciplines"

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