Microjustice Web Portal Launched

In addition to the mircojustice4all website, as well as Micojustice in Bolivia and now Peru, the microjustice folks have created a portal to all things microjustice at http://www.microjustice.org/. Hmmm.... here's hoping that maybe at some point in the future, I will be listed there as well! :)

(Updated 2/27/10) Here are the resources listed so far:


Microjustice links
International Legal Alliances (ILA) Microjustice for All | www.microjustice4all.org
Coordinating and network organisation for implementation of microjustice country programs, implementing microjustice in the field.
Microjusticia Bolivia www.microjusticiabolivia.org
Country Program implementing microjustice in Bolivia
Microjusticia PerĂº www.microjusticiaperu.org
Country program implementing microjustice in Peru
Micro Justice Initiative www.microjusticeinitiative.com
Platform for microjustice
Tilburg University | www.tilburguniversity.nl/TISCO
Conducting research in dispute resolution system design.
UNDP Legal Empowerment of the Poor | http://www.undp.org/legalempowerment/
Report of the UN Commission for the Legal Empowerment of the Poor

Reproducing the home page: 


What is Microjustice?
Microjustice is an umbrella term for a variety of initiatives that provide basic legal services to the poorest people around the world. In many societies, the poorest lack access to lawyers, courts or government services. Hence, they cannot enjoy even the most basic rights they have according to the law. Basic legal services may range from obtaining correct identity papers, legal proof of land ownership to basic legal assistance with legal proceedings, for example in the field of employment and labour conditions, housing or family matters.
Why Microjustice?
For many people without access to justice, relatively small legal issues like obtaining identity or property documents or solving even the most common legal problems, are often the biggest obstacle for full participation in society. Microjustice aims to solve these basic legal issues - hence the term ‘Micro'.
More broadly, Microjustice, wants to be a part of the global movement for self-empowerment of the poor, like for example Microfinance. Like access to elementary financial services, access to justice is proven to be of great importance for overcoming poverty and stimulating development. In many cases, access to justice means access to education, health care and the economy.
Who provides Microjustice?
Microjustice services can be provided by many different actors, ranging from community based initiatives, small non-profit organizations and universities to commercial law firms.
Who is involved in Microjustice?
A number of initiatives are working in the field of microjustice and develop and practise low cost processes and solutions. The aim of this portal is to provide a comprehensive overview of current initiatives.

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