A Legal Framework for Promoting ICT entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

My friend and colleague at the Berkman Center, Colin Maclay, facilitated a Workshop on Global ICT Education Program last month, which aims to offer training courses to young ICT leaders of developing countries. I'm hoping that I can connect my contacts in Asian eGovernance and eLaw to the program. 

What I found interesting, though, was ( Berkman Executive Director) John Palfrey's panel presentation on how to create a legal framework for ICT entrepreneurship in developing countries. You can access his well written post on his blog, but I give a summary as follows: 

  • Adopt a value and culture of Rule of Law
    • But understand that there is no 'one-size-fit-all' solutions
  • Enact predictable and consistent laws/regulations
    • Most crucial areas:
      • Telecommunications regulations
      • Pricing controls
      • Intellectual property
      • Needs an integrated approach to all existing relevant laws, not just focus on a narrow 'e-commerce law'
  • Control corruption
  • Promote competition
I think that this is a great overall framework, and much too have been written about the actual the policies and laws themselves, that I hope to blog about some time soon. 

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